We all crave equilibrium, a balance of body, mind and soul. Our need for wellbeing extends way beyond purely physical aspects. Real wellbeing begins in the mind. The full range of solutions offered with the promise of helping us achieve a permanently improved state of wellbeing are subject to very comprehensive testing. We have evolved over the past few years from one-time “customers” to very demanding and critical “investors”.

We define system properties for measuring and evaluating good solutions by means of terms such as: future-proofing, sustainability, flexible system concepts, dynamic value maintenance.

We at Harreither invite you to: take your needs seriously and trust your vision. A new level of comfort can now become your reality. Healthy radiant heat combined with the certainty that you're investing in the building technology of the future. We have over 30 years of hard work behind us to make your dreams come true.

Real wellbeing begins

with a belief in your own needs.

Yours, Raimund Harreither.

Raimund Harreither
Raimund Harreither