We live in heated rooms almost two thirds of the year. That is why the question of heat distribution is the most important decision to take when installing a heating system. In view of the development of our climate, however, the issue of cooling gets more and more important too. So far in theory. But what are the advantages of radiant panel heating and cooling systems for building owners?

This question can be answered, on the one hand, in a theoretical manner - the Harreither philosophy is described in great detail on this homepage. You can also experience “comfort" live. And that is exactly why Harreither developed the system of competence centres.

The objective is to establish this kind of “oases of comfort” for building owners all over Austria. In the Harreither competence centres, you can find out for yourself and "live", so to say, as to the mode of operation of radiant panel heating and cooling systems in the so-called “comfort rooms“.

But as we said before: All theory is just grey. We would like to invite you to come. Make an appointment and find out for yourself about the uniqueness of the Harreither system solutions in one of the competence centres.

We promise you:

You will be enthusiastic about it!