The company Harreither has been very much involved with sports sponsoring for many years. In the summer of the year 2007, this commitment was stepped up even more. Harreither is premium partner of the team that was sensationally promoted into the highest Austrian soccer league, LASK Linz.

"Sports are always coupled with emotions. In this positive field of associations, advertisement is extremely effective“, so Raimund Harreither explains their commitment in sports sponsoring. The presence of the Harreither brand on TV is furthermore supported by the testimonial of Thomas Sykora. Among others, the very nice former slalom skier works as a motivation trainer for the Harreither Academy. When he works as an expert commentator for ski competitions for the Austrian television channel ORF, the umbrella brand logo of the company Harreither is always in the picture.

For Raimund Harreither, who used to be an active serious athlete himself for years, team sports are extremely fascinating above all, however. "You can always define the term team in two ways: either great-another-one-does-the-job, or all-out-effort-of-all-members. And exactly this positive definition is not only completely true for sports, but for trade and industry as well. And that is why I consider social competence in the field of sports which is relevant for society to be so important!"