Dimensions: 24 x 17mm

“….the innovative oval piping system for comfortable floors”

Harreither has been searching for the ultimate underfloor heating system for the past 30 years.


  • Small diameter [1]: for extremely narrow bending radii and narrow laying distances.
  • Large diameter [2]: for optimum heat transfer.
  • Pipe wall thicknesses offer optimum performance and yet more surface comfort.
  • Awarded a European Patent and the European trademark.
  • For floors which are warm and comfortable all over.
  • Full 10 year guarantee.

The solution lies in EUROVAL®.
This piping system was developed by Harreither’s in-house research and development department. Both its shape and its functionality are unique and Euroval® underfloor heating systems reach operating temperature more quickly and evenly than standard systems.

It is produced in-house under the strictest quality standards. The extremely heat-resistant plastic combined with the latest extrusion technology and highly trained assembly staff guarantee that the system components will last for the lifetime of a house. Satisfactory experience with oval pipe technology (over hundreds of thousands of installations over the past 30 years) means that Euroval® systems come with a full 10 year guarantee, expressly backed up by one of the major specialist insurers.

Euroval underfloor heating for a comfortable room climate.
Euroval underfloor heating for a comfortable room climate.

Every last detail has been thoroughly thought through, optimised and checked inside out during the development and production of the Euroval® pipe system. However, the system must work as a whole, i.e. the finished floor must display all the properties which we expect and which arouse our customers’ enthusiasm. In order to guarantee this, we leave nothing to chance when laying our floors. Starting with calculation and design of each room - in accordance with your needs and wishes - right up to the compulsory use of specific materials and designs. Only by combining all these details can we achieve the fantastic experience of comfortable living.