"... make your dreams of a feel-good atmosphere come true!"


Our unique wall-integrated heating and cooling system provides not only precision comfort but also impressive dynamic functionality – whatever the weather. All of this means you can create distinct climate-controlled zones in one and the same room.

Technology for fast availability!

Hitherm® is another development that resulted from in-house research. With its parallel registers, it can produce gentle radiant heat or soft, quiet cooling a very short time. The perfect cosy atmosphere at the push of a button.


Design your own climate!


With the flexible Hitherm® registers, the walls of a room can be transformed into true feel-good surfaces. This means you can customise the design of areas with greater comfort requirements. Building owners then become climate designers.

HithermĀ® Compact

"... the perfect climate for old buildings!"


This dry-lining version of Hitherm® is the ideal choice for retrofitting. Existing walls and roof pitches can be transformed into homogeneous surfaces for healthy heating and cooling in the course of a modernisation project.

Tried-and-tested Hitherm® technology!


With Hitherm® Compact, the innovative register technology has been refined specially for modernisation projects. Here, the register has been embedded in a composite structure, comprising insulation, a heat and cold conducting mass, as well as a dry-lining board.

Just a few steps to a better quality of life!


The prefabricated elements are fitted to the existing wall between the positioned battens and connected to one another. The other areas are sealed off with dry-lining boards, creating a new and even surface. Mild radiant heat and soft, silent cooling provide a better quality of life throughout the four seasons.